Palm Springs Workers Compensation Attorney Kevin Cortright Settles a 100% Permanent Disability Workers Compensation Case for an Injured Worker

July 25,2017

Palm Springs, CA - Lawyer Kevin Cortright of Palm Springs was successful in settling his newest Workers’ Compensation case involving a client that was considered 100% Permanent Disability. Kevin Cortright was able to obtain a settlement that his client deserved after the pain and suffering that they have been through after their accident at work.

Kevin Cortright stated that “This was a complicated workers compensation case that started in 2009. I officially took over the case in September of 2015 and aggressively worked on getting the case on track towards settlement. 100% Whole Person Impairment is the highest rating that can be obtained for a client. This will guarantee life time payments to support the injured workers financial needs. In addition, the injured worker is still entitled to life time medical for which we are currently working on negotiating a buyout.”

100 permanent disability

Worker’s Compensation can be a tricky road to navigate. Those who have a case want a knowledgeable lawyer on their side that knows how to fight for their rights as an employee. The Law Offices of Kevin Cortright made sure that their client received proper treatment and monetary support for the rest of their life in order to take care of their injuries.

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About The Law Offices of Kevin Cortright: Kevin Cortright is a licensed lawyer in the state of California. He has also worked in insurance defense, and at another firm as a managing partner before opening his own. He and his staff members handle their clients’ cases with years of experience and a dedication to success. Mr. Cortright has offices both in Murrieta, CA and Palm Springs, CA where he practices Personal Injury law, Bankruptcy Law, and Workers’ Compensation Law. To learn more about the Law Offices of Kevin Cortright, visit their website at or call them at (760-325-6900).